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Maarten Cozijnsen, better known as NOME, is an twenty three years old DJ & producer, born and raised in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He has been fascinated by music since childhood and is about to add an exciting new chapter to his career. As a child Maarten could already be found behind the piano. Soon he discovered that he loved to make his own music. After a while he became interested in EDM and House music.

At the age of 20 he starts DJing more seriously. He was booked on several events, while he also started to produce his own tracks. From that moment on, his focus has entirely been on producing music and improving his DJ skills.

In Holland, NOME is already a known name in house music and is seen as a quickly rising artist. In this small period of time his tracks were promoted by several big DJ's. His tracks are recognizable by the great amount of melodies and pounding drops. His performances are always unique because of all the positive energy.

In march’19 NOME managed to to his first official Asia tour. He did four shows in ten days. This is just the beginning of NOME’s carreer, you can expect lots of great new shows, tours and music. Stay tuned!

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